Types of Services Offered

Portraits, Events,
Products & Architecture

At Dave’s On Location Photography, I strive to provide the best photo services that are available in the Phoenix metro area as well as the state of Arizona. Many times over the past 20 plus years I have gone over and above to provide those services at a fair and equitable price for a location shoot.

We are here to help you with nearly all of your photographic needs. Give us a call to discuss your options and schedule a photo shoot!


Family Portraits

I have photographed countless family portraits, which of course includes couples, that still hang on the walls of many homes across the Valley. Whether you have a small family or large I have the experience and ability to bring out the best that is your family. I have worked with newborns and folks who are well beyond being newborns always with patience and respect with great success. I have photographed families both in the more remote locations of our beautiful Arizona landscapes and in their backyards, living rooms and the many parks and resorts right here in the Valley. It has also been my pleasure to have photographed many families who are from out of town visiting families while on vacation or just coming to Arizona for a holiday and just to have some fun.

Business Portraiture

In addition to family portraits, I have also photographed many types of businesses including banks, law firms and medical staff and employees. Normally, for business photographs, I am able to bring out to the location studio lighting and backdrops for the individual and small group portrait. For a larger group, we can usually find an area in or around the facility. I can shoot the customary head and shoulders that take very little time for the employee so they can get back to their clients or take more time for the office picture of the CEO or President. Of course, the greatest advantage to the business is no one has to leave your location for a lengthy period of time to visit a photo studio.

Event Photos

Events have been a staple service since the beginning. I have photographed events for businesses from Wendy’s to Federal justices conferences. Just recently I photographed a European phlebotomy organization and was able to get through a number of language hurdles without too many difficulties. Some of the difficulties of shooting an event can be many and quite varied. Everything from very poorly lighted meeting venues to rather unappealing backdrops just to name a few. The trick is to have the experience to deal with these situations and sometimes simply making the best out of poor situations. Usually, however, these venues are quite nice and the resorts they usually are in have very professional and accommodating staff if an issue does come up.

Product Photography

Product Marketing Photography for Phoenix ManufacturerProduct photography is another service that is offered. Large or small I have photographed jewelry, furniture, paintings as well as the interior and exterior of a Boing 737 aircraft on the tarmac and taking off. One of the most critical things regarding product photography is the lighting and placement of the article. I shot some hanging crystal ornaments where it was necessary to get just the right angle so the colors the crystal was showing would be shown off. In addition to the lighting and angles, patience was most definitely key.

Photography of Architecture

In many ways, architecture photography was a great way to learn the best techniques of lighting and placement of objects that show off a scene in the best manner possible. Nearly always somewhat challenging because every home is different in its layout and the furniture that is used but that is also what makes it a fun shoot. No architecture shoot is the same. While lighting is still very important, with the advent of Photoshop and other photo editing programs so much more can be brought into the shot to bring out and enhance features of the home.

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