Photographs capture our memories forever! Beautiful moments of a long journey can be cherished by photography. They help us in remembering the intricate details of the special moments. Most of us prefer color photography for this purpose because color catches the eye. Therefore, it has become a standard in the modern day world but photographers often face this dilemma:

Black-and-white photography vs. color photography: Which one to choose and when?

Ted Grant once said that when we take colored pictures, we capture clothes but when we take black & white pictures, we capture souls. Some consider black & white pictures are more expressive whereas other think that color pictures bring life to a picture.

People have differing opinions because of different mindsets! Where color appeals to everyone, monochrome depicts its power! While color catches attention, black and white photos capture souls. Moreover, some images which have less hue are best when captured in black and white. Great shots are often captured in color but classic shots which leave an imprint on one’s mind can be the outcome of a black and white picture too! Photography grew from black and white but the modern day world and technology transformed its simplicity to flamboyancy by adding the element of color into it!

Confused on what to choose? Let us run through the points to get a clear picture. Although there is no need to commit to one, yet there are a few aspects to be considered while choosing between black-and-white photography & color photography:

Colored picture of old man

When to choose color photography:

  • If color is the key element of your story or when not much importance is to be given to time. Colored information plays an important role, therefore, make sure you consider this element well.
  • When mood has to be conveyed.
  • When the subject is more important than the color it contains.
  • When you feel that the original picture is beautified by the colors it contains!
  • When the preview of monochrome seems to have lost the charm of the original subject.
  • When the image has contrasting colors which signify something important or if you feel that color is making a larger impact on the picture. For example- A rainbow.

When to choose black and white photography:

  • If there is a regular pattern covering the major portion of your photograph?
  • When texture and grittiness of the photograph can be felt by just looking at it.
  • When there are only a few colors or when you are taking a closer shot.
  • When the black and white image still conveys the same story as with colors.
  • Most black and white photos do well when the original picture contains lesser colors and rigid black and white tones!

No matter how many magical formulas exist, the choice is eventually up to the photographer and the love for photography is something that is not going to go away! Remember, black and white photography and color photography are just two different mediums to express the unsaid words.

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