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Having a good looking and professional business portrait is one of the more important items on your web page or brochure. People will first look at that portrait before they even take a look at the all the good things about your Arizona business. A good looking picture draws attention to all that follows in the text that you take hours to write about your business. Whether you are the good looking model type, or perhaps not so much, a professional portrait will enhance your page or brochure.

Different Ways To Photograph A Business

There are different ways to photograph a business headshot and they are usually dependent upon the type of company that is involved. For instance, an attorney may want a very formal portrait such as a head and shoulders shot with a studio backdrop or something in an office environment. One could be photographed by their self or with one or more partners in a totally different setting. I had one Phoenix attorney who wanted a picture of herself walking down a courtroom hallway with a very serious business look to her. She dealt with criminal law and wanted to look like she was all business and it worked for her. I have shot other attorney’s whose practices were more of a business nature and they wanted the head and shoulders portrait or even a welcoming photo of them in their office environment.

In other Arizona businesses, we have photographed people in their shops, construction sites or their factory environments. Often times, in these instances, they will be doing their own work or interacting with other employees on the job. Of course, the photo’s will be set up and the best lighting that is available will be used but with as much attention as possible to keep it as real looking as though they were actually doing that task as normal at that moment.

Whenever it is possible I utilize studio lighting for the business portraits to make them as professional looking as possible. In an office environment, I can set up often times in a conference room with little impact on the business being operated at that time throughout the rest of the office. In this way, I can set up the lighting and a backdrop for the portrait.

One of the great advantages a corporate photographer coming to your place of business is you or your employee does not have to take the hour or two to break away from business and travel to and wait for your appointment. This is especially advantageous when there are a number of employees to be photographed that would take away an enormous amount of time from a business which is obviously not of benefit to the business or the employees dealing with clients or potential clients.

The portrait that represents the business on your web page or brochure must look the best that it can and we will do our best to accomplish that task as we have done for so many others. We have accomplished this by paying close much attention to the clients needs and desires for the headshot and doing whatever is possible for that vision to come to reality.

We are not all business, we also do head shots for television actors, models, and singers. Most commonly we provide an 8″×10″ format but can give you pretty much any size you want in black-and-white or color. We can do a close-up head shot for your comp cards or tear sheets to show skin complexion if you do beauty work. Or, a more corporate head shot that you can use on digital media like LinkedIn or Facebook as well as about pages.

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