Overview of different photography techniques

With the advent of science and technology, Digital photography and film photography has come out into existence for capturing of real-time images. How many of you will like to capture the beautiful moments and view’s around you? I think most of you will like it. With the aid of latest technologies, things are moving at a fast pace for the enhancement of photography. Thus, in upcoming years, we can assume that photography will be bloomed and will take us to the next level of digitization era.

Film Photography has always been the vintage mark for some people who are not suitable for the modern day photography.

Digital photography, however, has been into constant pace with time. Every day new techniques are invented and inculcated into modern day photography for capturing more vibrant and sharper images that people can go gaga over. People use these all over the internet, but if you are considering using another person’s photos please be aware of copyright law.

Below discussed are some of the points that will open up your minds related to different photography technologies:

Traditional ( Film photography) :

Vintage Mark :

Film Photography is in demand since the early start of films and ads, thus many people believe that film photography has been the photography available in its purest form.

Light :

Who doesn’t want natural light which can provide accurate photo exposure and can give brilliant photos?

Film photography does the work of maintaining the perfect exposure, by giving a perfect shot, every person desires.

Color :

Unlike today’s photography, Film photography uses natural color and light blends for color balance.

Grain :

Film Photography gives you that hazy and grainy quality which looks beautiful and mysterious in its own unique form.

400 speed 35mm photography film and lensDigital photography:

Quickness :

With the ability to take multiple shots at the same time, we can also see how the photo will look on the camera display; thus, allowing us to click multiple shots within seconds. The User can also convert the photo from Digital to its Physical form using a printer.

Adaptability :

Switching between Color and black & white has never been easier without modern photography. You can spontaneously adjust the color balance and switch between color modes within a few seconds. ISO can be an integral part of this arrangement.

Processing Cost is Low :

Computer software can be used for editing the photos. Once the cost of software is out of the way, one can afford to buy a DSLR Camera and post-processing can be done at a low cost.

Easily Share Shots :

With the use of Social media all over the world, photo’s can be shared easily in this digital era. Electronic Sharing is far easier than traditional mail system and is quite convenient.

Usage of any technology depends on an individual’s choice. But today’s world is in need for more accurate, vibrant, low cost and color-toned images. Digital photography has an edge over Traditional photography and the modern world is already experiencing it.

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