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  • Outdoor Arizona desert or cool indoor shoots are available.

  • The best way to save time is for us to come to your location.

  • Affordable custom packages for prints and digital images.

Family Portraits For All Occasions

  • Phoenix Family photographer for Christmas card or reunions, or just because.

  • Maternity and newborn child photos to celebrate the new arrival.

  • Custom senior picture packages that reflect your personality.

  • Pet portraits of your dog, cat, or other family friends.


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Family portraits have long been one of my favorite types of photography since I have been in business. I was able to learn many of the basics while in school at Glendale Community College here in the Phoenix area and especially as I worked as a photographer for a large wedding studio, also here in town. While I have left shooting weddings behind, I still enjoy shooting family portraits on location.

As a Phoenix family photographer, I photograph all the family portraits at a location of the client’s choosing. The locations tend to be more diverse than at a wedding reception. I have had the opportunity to photograph Phoenix families both in some of the more remote locations of our beautiful Arizona landscapes and in their backyards, living rooms and also the many parks and resorts right here in the Valley and beyond.

While most of the families I have photographed live right here in the Phoenix Metro Area, I have also taken pictures of many families from out of state as they visited families who are living here or simply on vacation to enjoy the Arizona sun to get away from the snow and cold. They can be small family get-togethers from out of state or in some cases very large families who come in for family reunions or an event they all are involved in. In any case, they often take the time to get a portrait of the whole family together and then take advantage of the opportunity to have each of the individual families photographed.

Types Of Families Photographed

Whether you are a large family or small, a couple, or even a single, I have the photography experience and ability to take pictures of nearly all scenarios to bring out the best that is your family. It has also been my great pleasure to have worked with newborns and folks who are well beyond being newborns with the patience and respect they deserve with great success.

Whenever possible I bring out studio lighting to make the best possible light for your portraits. The usual limiting factor regarding this is the availability of an electric source. When no electricity is available, not to worry, we use the natural lighting of the sun and flash.

You can pose in a still position like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting titled Mona Lisa and we can make photographic production while seated against a plain background. I bring lights so you would be lit with a soft wash of light. Or we can make a special portrait out of the studio to commemorate a particular event, such as your child’s senior graduation.

Niece of a Phoenix Family Photographer Standing in flowers
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