Landscape Photography

  • Landscape marketing shots of new construction, golf courses, and for maintenance companies.

  • Natural – Pictures of the beautiful world around us

  • Cityscapes – Views of the city. Downtown and skylines

  • Desert – Arid Landscape with unique plants and rock formations

  • Night Sky – Stars, moon, fireworks and more


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Landscape Photography: Creative, Inspirational, Essential

When it comes to the beautiful planet that we have the privilege of calling home, there is nothing that captures the presence of natural wonder like landscape photography. Landscape photography can range from microscopic subjects to subjects that are large and majestic, such as mountains and bodies of water. No matter which approach a photographer takes, they show the beauty of the world within their art. Landscape photography takes creativity and inspires.

The world that we live in is full of mystery, majesty, and wonder beyond compare. Earth is our home, and it is ever changing. Sadly, the touch of humankind has made many of the changes that we see full of destruction and harm. Many photographers have chosen to stand by the viewpoint of preserving nature as they see it, much like a time capsule, and promoting awareness of just how much Earth needs our help to reverse these changes. It only takes one image to evoke a thousand emotions, which honestly speaks to the creativity of each artist that chooses to use nature as their subject when capturing photographs.

Other times, a landscape photograph can be unspeakably joyous. An image of nature can go hand-in-hand with the personal experience of the photographer and preserve a beautiful moment in such a way that it lives forever. For example, those who travel can take a photograph of nature so that they never forget the admiration and awe that they felt at that exact moment. That joy shines through, and those who view the photographs can experience that joy for themselves through the photographer’s chosen art form.

Of the same vein, landscape photography has the power to inspire those who view the images and other photographers themselves. Seeing the world as it is, and understanding the message that is being conveyed by the photographer, can move individuals to preserve our natural home and work toward undoing the damage that humanity has done. How else can landscape photography inspire? Many photographers have viewed an image and become encouraged to begin their journey by capturing pictures of the great outdoors. Thus, through appreciating another’s art, they have found their voice and perspective and joined in bringing creativity and joy to the rest of us.

In conclusion, there is beauty everywhere around us. All that is needed are eyes that can stop and recognize it. The next time that you are outside, stop and gaze at the sky. Witness the majesty that can be seen in a blue sky hosting a mass of gorgeous, fluffy white clouds. Experience the symphony of colors that blend to create a sunset, something many of us take for granted. Find a universe hidden within a single flower, or an empire in a stream of water. Find your voice and see the world for what it is. Perhaps you, too, will be able to preserve the planet that we call home in photographs and move others to do the same.

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