Light plays an important role in photography. It not only allows us to see the whole world but also responsible for making pictures live. At times, photography lighting is as important as the subject itself to make the picture a perfect one.

Photographers know how the change in the lighting conditions can transform the whole effect on the picture. The changes can be because of the weather conditions or due to the different times of the day. Lighting conditions get change by the direction, contrast-producing effect, quality and color of light.

Being a photographer you cannot control these conditions but you should know how to utilize these conditions to create a perfect picture. You should learn how to position your camera at the right time and capture the essence you want to convey via your image.

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Here are a few tips you can use to capture a perfect shot with the right photography lighting

Quality of light

Quality of light can be defined in terms of soft and hard light. The light on a clear sunny day is considered as the natural hard light. If you click pictures during this time, you will get well-defined and hard-edged shadows which will give an image stronger lines and patterns. It can be used to create dramatic contrasts too.

Soft light can be obtained during an overcast day where the lighting conditions will give ill-defined shadows or even no shadow, the shapes and lines are created by the object only. Mainly soft lighting is used to shot scenes with predominant colors and shapes. It reveals the maximum look of the subject without having any complications of the shadow.

Direction of light

It’s important to consider the direction of the light while capturing a shot. For instance, if it’s coming directly at 90 degrees to the subject, it will give a strong 3D effect and will also highlight the texture of the subject.

Color of light and time of the day

As the day passes, the position of the sun changes, resulting in the change of color of its light, especially, at the time of dawn and dusk. Along with this, the weather conditions can give a photographer an incredible opportunity of photography lighting. For instance, while capturing a landscape, you should plan to be present at the right spot, at the right time when the lighting is perfect to bring out the best features and to capture the mood you want to display. That is the reason people take pictures at dusk and shot several images as the lighting conditions changes by the minute.

Use of mixed lighting

At times photographers have to deal with mixed sources of light, like daylight, street light, etc. due to which they are not able to capture the exact shot they want. To avoid this, most of the digital cameras in today’s time have the feature of white balance. It can be set manually or automatically to adjust the light as per your requirement.

There are other factors as well which you need to consider along with the photography lighting but with these tips, you can set the perfect lighting to capture your pictures.

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