Product photography is also a service we offered from the beginning of the business. Obviously, the variety of products is extremely varied and wide-ranging. They can be very large or very small and how they are photographed can be just as varied. I have photographed jewelry, furniture, paintings, watches, as well as the interior and exterior of a Boeing 737 aircraft on the tarmac and taking off.

Product Photography Involves Different Considerations

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of any photograph, and with product photography, it is no different. How you would light a piece of jewelry or a large piece of furniture are two different things. While using a light box and a lens that can bring out the best look of a woman’s bracelet or ring, that in no way would work for a piece of furniture or for that matter a Boeing 737. Obviously, it is critical to know how to determine not only how to shoot a product but what equipment is necessary.

Product Marketing Photography for Phoenix ManufacturerProduct photography not only deals with certain objects but also photographing the interior of factories and the machines they use to make the everyday products we use. While sometimes challenging, again for a variety of reasons, I often find these shoots very interesting and fun to do. Photographing a piece of machinery as it cuts out a part to the thousandths of an inch for something that you would use somewhere in your home is somehow exciting to me. The goal of any photographer is to make that piece of machinery look interesting and perhaps even a little exciting to the viewer. Not always an easy task but there in lies the challenge.

Another project I had was to photograph hanging crystal ornaments for a client in a start-up business. The goal here was not only to photograph the crystal ornaments in a way that showed them off in the best way possible but also to get the lighting just right to also show the colors that could be refracted through them from sunlight. Not only was the lighting important but also the patience to get the lighting just right to get that colored effect, as one might see it in their own home, was certainly necessary to do this shoot.

So, product photography involves many different aspects that go from the very large to the very small. The lighting issues can be very simple to the rather difficult. It makes it interesting for me and hopefully successful for the client.

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